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It might seem odd to put out new music after releasing a new album only a few months ago - but COVID-19 has changed so much! I wrote all of Destiny's music before COVID hit and was already in the middle of releasing when the lockdown began.

The new single, What About Me?, is the result of having too much creative energy and needing to put it into something

I'm SO excited for this song - it takes what I love the most about Destiny and wraps it up into one upbeat bop!

The music video takes a more light-hearted approach and features my two dogs. Enjoy!


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The brand new album is now available!!

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I'm so thrilled to be sharing music from this new album with everyone! It has taken a lot of time and energy to put together and I'm so proud of how it turned out!


You can find me on these social media and music streaming sites.

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Matthew has a classical piano background but gets inspiration from just about every genre of music out there. Pop influences (The Weeknd, Billie Eilish), rock (Seether, 30 Seconds to Mars), electro/synth (Porter Robinson, 3LAU), and alt-pop (Josef Salvat, Sohn) - those are just a few genres artists that get played on repeat.


His first album, Vivid, was a buffet of musical genres drenched in a spread of melancholy themes with an indie alt-pop vibe. His second album, Destiny - a synth-pop collection of mostly feel-good tracks - begins to solidify his artistry and sound.

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