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The newest music video, Agony, premiered on July 26!

Below are a few tracks from the Vivid album. To see and hear more, click the Get Album link!

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About the artist


Classically trained pianist, has been composing music since an early age. Influences range from pop, rock, soul/R&B/hip-hop, to new age, to electronic/ambient, and to classical. The music blends multiple genres into an eclectic fusion, but often lands in an 'easy listening' / pseudo-neo-jazz vibe.


Grew up in a small town out in the country. Started playing piano at age 8, began lessons at age 10 from local piano teacher. At age 12, began taking lessons at college. Played piano for church choirs and congregation for several years. Went to college majoring in piano performance and pedagogy. After graduating, decided to go into nursing - after 3 semesters, dropped out... it was not the right path. Moved to the big city after that. Throughout this time, composed countless piano, symphonic, vocal, and instrumental pieces. Around 2011, put the first piano video up on YouTube and continued for a few years. In 2016, posted first vocal song on SoundCloud. 

Vivid came after a busy year with work and life - most of it was written, produced, and recorded within about 2 weeks. The surge of  creativity was something I had never experienced for that duration - it was exhilarating

About vivid

This album is a musical biography of my life. 
Start represents the joy of childhood.
Haven looks back on memories taken for granted.
Vivid is my journey from home to college.
Shell provides hope for crippling depression.
Whole describes my first love.
Never describes my first heartbreak.
Drift is my journey from college to the real world.
Story represents my first real adult love.
Agony deals with the loss of loved ones.
Basic goes through the experiences I've had with my best friend.
Heart represents the current love of my life.
Ready is about the day of my wedding.
Truth is about people who aren't strong enough to make their own decisions.
Dream represents life now and what it is in the future.
Weary discusses the struggles that everyone deals with everyday.
Final is the future of my life and what time will be like in 100 years.