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Album Artwork

The artist published a blog with progress pictures for the album cover. Click the icon below to check it out!

When I was a freshman in college, my first day of orientation I remember seeing this really tall girl who had a unique laugh. I mean, she really stood out - in an infectious, joyous way. She happened to be in the art program and I had seen some of her work. It was just beautiful, even as an art student just starting out - so much talent!

I checked in on her works over the years and she definitely grew her talent. Her unique use of colors, layering, and complex imagery was really exciting. She happened to be living in the same metro area as me, so I reached out to her to reconnect and asked if she would take a commission for my album cover. To my delight, she agreed and seemed excited for the concept!

I couldn't be more happy with the results! While it is painted all on one image, it can be broken out into 16 quadrants, with each representing a different track on the album. You can find more of her work by clicking on the icon below.

Vivid album cover
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