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From the Album, Destiny

A&R Factory (Artist and Repertoire)

Jun 24, 2020

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If you’re looking for a synthy-sweet Pop treat to liven up your playlists, Matthew Bertram’s second album Destiny will sate any aural sugar cravings.

While each track on the artist’s sophomore album carries an arsenal of euphoria, the best introduction to Matthew Bertram’s playfully captivating style is the title track. Good vibes are guaranteed.

In Destiny, 80s Synth Pop and modern Lo-Fi Indie Experimental Pop combine along with hints of Indie Alt Rock. Matthew Bertram boundlessly creative approach to production along with the magnetically expressive Indie Pop vocals instantly puts Matthew Bertram leagues apart from any other Alt Synth Pop artist we’ve heard this year.

Even though Matthew Bertram achieved a vibrant and resounding sound with Destiny, there’s still an incredibly enamouring intimate appeal to the soundscape. Naturally, we’re hooked. And we’re fairly sure that you’ll share our new-found obsession as soon as you hit play too.

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Broken 8 Records

Jun 19, 2020

Ever since childhood, Matthew Bertram has felt a pull towards music. As soon as he learned to play the piano, Matthew was composing music and defining his style, pushing towards something bigger and constantly looking to improve his reach. With a background in classical piano performances, and a penchant for contemporary pop, Matthew’s style has evolved over the past few years, taking lead from the likes of Khalid, Billie Eilish, 30 Seconds to Mars, Seether, The Weeknd, and more, Matthew has become a unique and exciting new talent determined to carve his own path through the modern pop soundscape.

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From the album, Vivid

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