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Who I am


I grew up in a small town out in the country in northern Minnesota. Began playing piano at age 8 for fun, but then started lessons at age 10 from a piano teacher from my church. By age 12, I had finished what my piano teacher could do for me and she suggested I take lessons at local college.

During this time, I played piano for various church congregations and choirs for several years. I didn't know what I wanted to do for a career, so I went to college majoring in piano performance and pedagogy. After graduating, I wasn't able to find work and some disheartening things were said to me by some of the recruiters. I then decided to go into nursing... but after 3 semesters and a lot of hard work, I decided that wasn't the right path for me.

I packed my bags and moved to the big city after that and found an office job that I'm still at (*knock on wood*) and still really enjoying. In order to move my career forward, I decided to get an MBA while still working full time. I was so happy to finally graduate in 2015 and have been really thankful for the opportunities it has given me with my career, and indirectly, with my art.

No matter how busy life becomes, music composition and writing poetry have been constant - over the years, I have composed countless piano, symphonic, vocal, and instrumental pieces. Around 2011, I fearfully put the first of many solo piano videos up on YouTube. In 2016, I was mortified to do so, but posted my first of many vocal songs on SoundCloud.


I decided to invest into the Vivid album not because I wanted to become rich and famous, but I wanted the music to have a higher quality for anyone who did listen to it. Vivid came after a busy year with work and life - most of it was written, produced, and recorded within about 2 weeks. The surge of creativity was something I had never experienced for that duration - it was exhilarating. 

The vivid album release taught me a lot about album marketing, PR, getting fans, streams, playlists, and being more active on social media (still not achieving on that one!). The music in my head doesn't stop, so barely a year after Vivid had released, I began writing music for Destiny. This went into full-on mode in November of 2019 and a good chunk of the music was written.


If Vivid is the story of my life through music with the major highs and lows, Destiny dives into some key moments in my life that I thought really shaped who I am today.

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