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I've been writing music since I was around 10 years old. When I was little, I would have a tape recorder so I could remember all of my improvisational compositions. The ones I liked would get notated. This continued even through college - I have numerous tapes filled with hours and hours of music. When I play the piano, most of the time the music just flows through my finger tips. Melodies spring out of them and I just let my fingers dance over the keys. Most of the time, I don't make musical decisions. Because of this, I tend to forget most of what I play. This is the reason I record myself. Even today, my cell phone has hundreds and little clips, melodies, or full pieces - from as much as 10 seconds like, to upwards of 20 minutes long.

As technology has gotten better and I have invested more into musical equipment, the quality of the records have risen substantially. Before Vivid, I had released four other collections of music - not mastered, low quality, but often with beautiful melodies, visceral lyrics, and gorgeous orchestrations. I want everyone who is interested that chance to listen to these, so I've put them all on YouTube and organized by musical collection. The first, called expressions, was released in 2011; bifurcation was released in 2014; reflections was released in 2016, and volume four was released in 2017. The newest album added to this list is vivid, released in 2018 - which was the first album that I had professionally mastered and produced. The pages linked above are also listed below; each page linked includes all tracks from each music collection. However, you can use the links below to listen to the music collection playlist on YouTube. Enjoy!


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volume four


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